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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Very Beginning

Its not the very, very beginning, actually. I dont know how to start, i dont know how to make a good intro. And i am pretty much sure that im not gonna get rewarded for the good intro. I am just an ordinary girl with an ordinary tought, and an ordinary expenses. My face look pale at times and my hair is perfectly messy and unmanagble. You not gonna see me with BW-hairlike all the time. When it comes to BW, you know everything must be perfect and gorgeous and tidy and neat. I am eighteen, i do stuffs and i forget things. To be frank, im not soo good in writing or speaking, or singing, or cooking. In short, i am not soo good in anything. I am more into facts than numbers. Im not gonna spill my whole life story here, because i pretty much know how the world works. People keep talking shit, and you not gonna put your boots in their mouth to shut those badass up. They pretend to be your companion, to be part of your heart, to play small role in your life, just to make you spill. Infact, they are your frenemies. It is just, you have to properly distinguish between friend and foe. People say Justin Bieber, I say Dia Framton. People choose PS2, I choose MP4. I am quite inspired much by several Marilyn Monroe quotes. " If you cant handle me at my worst, then hell dont deserve me at my best " " If you gonna be two faces, at least make one of them is pretty " ayy ? Comes to the love and loath, i love it-girl. You know, Serena Van der Woodsen. wrr wait, Serena Van der Who? Its Ash Bens phenomenon now. But then i still choose S as my number 1 favourite-it-girl. I love those blondy chicks. I prefer blonde then brunette, because they are dirty in their own way. And arrr i loath Nazi and Zionis as they are violence, brings riot and chaos. Loath, deep down under.